Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3

Zena Sopeli. (From historical geography of the Eastern Georgia)

Author(s): Davit Merkviladze

The term "Zena Sopheli" (Upper Country) appears in the ancient Georgian stories edited by Leonti Mroveli. According to these stories, Zena Sopheli must be the oldest name of Shida Kartli (Inner Georgia). Zena Sopheli is referred to in other Georgian sources, such as the sequel of "Vakhtang Gorgasali`s life", also in various hagiographical stories: "lives" of Syrian Fathers (Ioane Zedazneli, Shio Mgvimeli, Abibos Nekreseli) and "Martirium of Kostanti the Georgian". The term "Georgian upper country" is mentioned in the anonymous Armenian Geography of the 7th century.

Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 9

The Relationship of Georgia Jews to other National Minorities living in Georgia

Author(s): Ketevan Abuladze

The Jewish writer Abrek Batoshvili has said recently in print that "We, Georgian Jews, don’t possess any written or verbal document proving discrimination of our civil rights and that we were forced to reject our religion while living in Georgia." It must be mentioned that there is no other country except Georgia, where Jews carry out their religious service to church by candle or money. Documents from the XVII-XVIII centuries clearly show that Georgian Jews and Georgians had equal, economic and legal rights, they peacefully co-existed together.

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

The term "Diligence" - moral and religious senses

Author(s): Zurab Chinchaladze

შრომა ადამიანის გარდაუვალი, აუცილებელი საჭიროებაა; ამასთან ზნეობრივი გრძნობაა, რომელიც სიკეთედ, საღვთო, ანუ საყოველთაო მოწოდებად აღიქმება. "ყოველი შრომა, რომელიც კი სარგებლობას მისცემს კაცს და შეეწევა მის რჩენასა, დიახ არის მადლიანი და საკადრისი" [გაბრიელ ეპისკოპოსი]. ჩვენი "ძველებიც" (წინაპრები) ყოველგვარ ადამიანის "დასარჩენ" - საკეთილდღეო საქმიანობას "საღვთო ზნედ" უხმობდნენ; ყოველი ცოდნა ზნეობააო [არჩილი].

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

From the history of relations between Christians and Muslims

Author(s): Eka Goderdzishvili

Lotsof branches of Christian church existed and exist even now in the Eastern world. Muslims were dominating on the lands where was the highest level of civilization and education. The Christian church appears to be the defender of this civilization. This civilization together with Christian ideology had become the source of the Islamic mental and moral development. Also with the process of growth of education in Islam, Christian's intellectual help was less needed, so their influence was falling with time.

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