Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3

Apropos of the M. V. Andreeva's review

Author(s): George Leon Kavtaradze

We should probably express our gratitude to M. V. Andreeva, who undertook the work of reviewing our book on the chronology of the archaeological cultures of Georgia during the Eneolithic and Bronze Age, but at the same time, we should note with regret that the M.V. Andreeva's extensive review contains a number of annoying inaccuracies and distortions capable of misleading an unfamiliar reader. We consider it our duty to pay attention to them, especially since they create the impression that the book under review is flawed from a methodological point of view, and unfounded in content.

Journal Amirani. 2002. Volume 6

Zur Identifikation der Kolcherin Medea auf einem Stelenrelief von Suchumi

Author(s): Gela Gamkrelidze

Die Stele von Suchumi zählt zu den in Georgien entdeckten hochinteressanten Werken der Steinmetzkunst.1 Die Steinsäule mit dem Basrelief wurde bei unterseeischen Küstenbefestigungsarbeiten im Meer auf dem Grund der Bucht von Suchumi an der Mündung des Besleti gefunden. Die Bucht von Suchumi ist jener Ort, an dem die Lage eines Teils der schon im Werk des Pseudo-Skylax von Kariand im 4. Jh. v. Chr. erwähnten Stadt Dioskurias [Periplus..., 81] vermutet wird.

Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 8

Metal vessels from Maikop-Novosvobodnaya

Author(s): Sergey Korenevsky

The metal vessels occurs on Caucasus for the first time in the epoch of so call Early Bronze Age. In whole this period is datedon the basis of the calibrated dates 14c from first third IV mill. B.C. up to the beginning of the III mill. B.C. [Korenevskiy, 1993, 2001] and corresponds to the Uruk period of the Mesopotamia. Almost all finders couldrons, plates, goblets of the bronze, silver and gold were revealed in the gaves of the Maikop culture. The collection of metal vessels of the Maikop culture consists of forty copies.

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