Journal Amirani. 1999. Volume 1

Treatment of children diseases in Imereti. Scrofula

Author(s): Lela nebieridze

"საყმაწვილო" ბავშვთა ერთ-ერთი დაავადების ხალხური სახელწოდებაა, რომლის მთავარი სიმპტომი კრუნჩხვაა. მთხრობელთა გადმოცემით, საყმაწვილო უფრო მეტად ემართებათ თეთრ ბავშვებს მაღალი სიცხის დროს შეშინების ან ფიზიკური ტრავმის შედეგად. ასევე, თუ ბავშვი რაიმეთი მოიწამლება, უფრო სწორად, თუ რაიმე აწყენს - ხალხური ტერმინით "ნაწყენებზე".

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

The Issue of Attitudes towards Nature in Folk Traditions

Author(s): George Chinchaladze

Religion, moral criteria form the absolute axiological (value) basis of culture, which gives the form of social law (norms) to the obligations and good will. It is namely participation in God's heavenly realm or "wellbeing" which motivates the orientation of seasonal labor habits and holidays on the church calendar and the order of sacrifice, which was considered by the people as a universal obligation similar to lighting a candle in the cathedral.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

On food production techniques of the Central Transcaucasian populations of the mid-3rd millennium B.C.

Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili

Ethnogenesis, the origin and formation of ethnic entities, is constituted as the object of multidisplinary study (by the disciplines of archaeology, ethnology, linguistics, physical anthropology, etc.), since an ethnos is by its nature a multi-faceted object, and cannot be adequately studied by the methods of a single social science. Multidisciplinary research is accompanied by a number of difficulties, of course, which must be overcome before undertaking the analysis of a specific region at a specific time.

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