Journal Amirani. 2003. Volume 8

An unknown document of dogma known by the name of Theodorite Kvireli

Author(s): Kakha Oghadze

The 5th century preacher Teodorite Kvireli’s composition of dogma "The Confession of the Righteous and Pure Christian Religion" is characterized as a pseudoepigraphic one because the description of seven world church meetings is given here. In Kvireli’s litetime only five world church meetings were held and thats why he could not describe all seven.

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

Assyrian Fathers and the surrounding nature

Author(s): David Merkviladze

VI century's ecclesiastic statesmen, called "Thirteen Assyrian Fathers", are famous as the ascetic monks and the leaders of the monastic movement in Georgia. In the previous article, based on the information scattered through the Georgian hagiographical lives of the Assyrian Fathers, is discussed their dependence full of love and careful towards the surrounding nature, which make the new, special and interesting lines to the monks' psychological portrait.

Journal Amirani. 2004. Volume 10

The terms referring "husband" in Persian language

Author(s): Ketevan Kikvidze

In Persian lenguage various terms referring to the word "husband" have been identified. Some of them have indoeuropean roots, some from other languages, especially from Arabian.
The fact that in languages heaing absolutely different origination the word "husband" has synonyms "lord", "muster", "owner", "defender" and others. To my mind it can be explained by abolishment of the word "husband".

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