Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 16

Assyrian Fathers and Monastic Organization in Georgia

Author(s): David Merkviladze

After the long and untiring activities of Syrian ecclesiastics, so called Assyrian Fathers, in VI century successfully and rapidly began to develop monastic movement in Georgia. In different places of eastern Georgia,chosen by Assyrian Fathers themselves, for their following spiritual and ecclesiastic activities, there were gradually sprung up many well-known monastries, which soon became important spiritual and cultural centers for the whole country.

Journal Amirani. 2006. Volume 16

The Georgian Translation of "Treasure" by Cyril of Alexandria

Author(s): Tamar Tsopurashvili

The extensive dogmatic-polemical work by Cyril of Alexandria called "Treasure" was written against the doctrine of Arius, to say more precisely, against his followers – Neoarians. It was written in 423-425 and is considered as one of the most important works created before The Council of Ephesus. The text was translated and attached with comments by Anton I. Today we have several full and incomplete versions of this translation: A3, S157, S363, S1182, H203, H466, H2174.

Journal Amirani. 2007. Volume 17

Culturologic aspects of conversion of Kartly (On the base of the correlation of the oldest Byzantine and Georgian sources)

Author(s): Alexandra Gegechkori

Iberia-Kartli shortly after its conversion into Christianity (337) established political and cultural relations with Byzantine – the nucleus of eastern Christian civilization. The data available about conversion of Kartli in the oldest Greek sources are fragmental and tendentious, since they deal with the church founded beyond the limits of the empire at the participation of Greek clergymen. This theme is considered in more details in Georgian sources, historical chronicles and ecclesiastical records.

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