Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

Historical Aspects of Georgian-Ukrainian Relations

Author(s): David Sandodze

The existence of allied countries and relations with them play a big part in the state strength of Georgia. Communication with these countries also affects their economical and cultural development.
Modern contacts cannot exist without considering preceding stages of historical processes. Applying historical experience and knowledge to practice has a great importance.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

The Russian conception of colonialism and Transcaucasian ethnopolitical reality

Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili

The career of any empire, it goes without saying, represents a process of interethnic interaction. In order to grasp the dynamic aspects of this phenomenon, it is first of all necessary to understand the colonizing ethnic group's self-image, and how this is generalized to the globalizing imagination of the empire's role. The creation of an empire of necessity implies the formation of a "private universe" and the subordination of others to this universe on the basis of self-evident principles of "justification". Beyond these idealized motives ("justification") on the part of the empire's leadership, there often occurs the neglect of certain principles of utility and security.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 2

Zviad Gamsakhurdia's appeal to Abkhaz nation

Author(s): Zviad Gamsakhurdia

Dear compatriots!
The brotherhood of the Abkhazians and Georgians starts from the immemorial times. Our common Colchian origin, the genetic relationship between our peoples and languages, the common history, the common culture, today make us think of the future fate of our peoples. We were living on one Homeland and we shared each other with difficulties. We had a common Kingdom for centuries, praying in one of the temples and fighting against common enemies in one battlefield.

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