Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3

Georgian-Ukrainian Literary Relations in the XIX and the beginning of the XX century

Author(s): David Sandodze

Georgian and Ukrainian peoples strived to build relations from the ancient times. From 1801 when Georgia was gradually integrated in Czarist Russia, these relations acquired even stronger basis. Georgian students in Russia and the Ukraine were in close relations with the Ukrainian young people and public figures. Georgian students studying in the cities of the Ukraine took active part in the social life of the country.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3


Author(s): Paata Bukhrashvili

"Marjah" - adroitly, lively, valorously - with this expression our brother Weinakhs encourage dancers performing their steps in the mystery of the dance; the dance in which a nation’s, a people’s genius is expressed (Grigol Robakidze), for it is the call of a soul to union with God, the cry of blood resounding across the millennia and reaching to the present; even as its incorporator, performer.

Journal Amirani. 2000. Volume 3

Sources, documents

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1. Order of the Tbilisi Garrison Commandant on Additional Measures concerning the curfew in Tbilisi
2. Statement of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia on the acts adopted by the so-called military council, the temporary government and the state council...

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