Journal Amirani. 2009. Volume 21

For the importance of old codes of some folk-tales

Author(s): George Chinchaladze

In the article, it is considered the importance of old codes of folk-tales, when they were somehow the programme of practical activities and the proof of behaviours, but later their active social role was lost and now they are saved in peoples mind as fables or as conventional signs.
As an ethnographical sources they help as to understand peoples social relationships and values.

Journal Amirani. 2001. Volume 4

To the interpretation of some folk customs

Author(s): George Chinchaladze

The work gives an allegorical interpretation of some folk customs. The basic idea of actions such as forging an iron, striking lightning or kicking a whip is the idea of death and renewal. Therefore, they were perceived by the people as Sacrifice, which "expelled", "tied" the evil spirit. And lightning, a sword, an arrow, a ploughshare and a bull's horn were identified with a cross - a sign of Christ's victory over hell and death. "Blacksmith" or "Hunter" is sacred metaphor implying the Saints. The patron of blacksmiths among the folks was St. George.

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