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1999 Volume 1

To the etymology of cacloba

Entry date: 2009-11-11

Author(s): Kevin J. Tuite

"What Nature have done," writes Vazha-Pshavela, "What mastery is it used to say, "Let's give to the beautiful Pshavian woman, because beauty is short-lived - for a while, a bit of time to spend it with a loving, platonic love The heart of the courageous man..."

1999 Volume 1

A bronze lustre from Nokalakevi

Entry date: 2009-11-11

Author(s): Besik Lordkipanidze, Levan Makashvili

In the capital of the Egrisi (Laz) Kingdom were found two verticaldisks of a bronze lustre. On the disk of smaller size is deficted a cross-like monogram, in which we can read name of the owner of the — "Eustrat". On the other disk one can read traditoinal inscription for thebisantian luster — "Φεοδοκε".

1999 Volume 1

Local characteristic features of Kura-Araxes culture in Kvemo Kartli

Entry date: 2009-01-01

Author(s): Zurab Tskvitinidze

The present article is part of the work, where it will be presented the local differences in Kura-Araxes Culture.

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