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2010 Volume 22

Loan and Dept in old Mesopotamia

Entry date: 2010-01-27

Author(s): Nino Akhuashvili

The article “loan and debt in old Mesopotamia” is dedicated to questions of “loan” and “debt” formation in old Mesopotamia, terms connected to them, types, use and functions.

2010 Volume 22

Georgian-Iberian national chronicle system

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Raul Gvetadze, David Gvetadze

The Nekresi pagan stele with old Georgian inscription represents the fundamental architectural monument of great significance. The Georgian system is based on 19-year cycle of meton. The dates of its creation are stated on the stele: according to the king Pharnavaz state chronology and the year of 560 per Selevkids era. The both dates correspond to the year 249 A.D.

2010 Volume 22

Poetic analysis of cult texts

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Khvtiso Mamisimedishvili

The expressive aspect of the cult texts, as well as every oral monument of the mountain region of Eastern Georgia is based on the rules of folk poetics. However, the cult texts with their artistic forms essentially differ from the other genres of folklore. The sacral character of the cult texts, their poetic tropes, vocabulary, form of delivery and the tradition of ritual offerings contribute to their artistic nature.

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