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The ICRI publishes the journal of Caucasology, entitled Amirani. Articles concerning the peoples, cultures and languages of the Caucasus, from the perspective of any of the humanities or social sciences, will be considered for publication. The articles may be written in English, French, Georgian, German, Russian, or any other language accessible to a significant number of Caucasologists.

There is Thousands of years of history to this region, with further studies continuously taking place which concern its people and culture. This journal aims to be a useful source for anyone looking to pursue an online education in the field of Caucasology. Through the Institutes commitment to establishing international and academic contacts, we are able to collate some of the most valuable articles on this subject.

By having each volume of Amirani available online, it vastly increases the accessibility of these materials to those who are interested in this particular topic. Its also invites those who have already gained completed significant studies on the Caucasus region to submit relevant and scholarly articles for publication. Archived articles are also available on this website, as is information on events of interest and other information-sharing activities.

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2012 Volume 24

Über die Keramikimitationen der Trialeti Kultur Metallgefäße

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Levan Chabashvili

Die Metallgefäße in Südkaukasien erschienen erst in der Mittelbronzezeit, in den Komplexen der Trialeti Kultur. Diese sind sowohl aus Bronze oder Kupfer als auch aus Edelmetall. Gleichzeitig gibt es auch Keramikgefäße die in ihrer Form Metallgefäßen ähneln. In einigen Fällen gibt es Beispiele in denen ein und dieselbe Dekorart auf Metall-, als auch Keramikgefäßen vorkommt. Im diesem Artikel werden alles diese Beispiele der Trialeti Kultur zusammengefasst. Es wird versucht die Frage zu beantworten, ob diese Tatsache für die Beurteilung der relativen Chronologie relevant ist, oder nicht.

2012 Volume 24

Chalcolithic settlement of Tetramitsa

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Nikoloz Tskvitinidze

Following article is about open air settlement which is located on Tetramitsa hill (in Kutaisi). Most of the materials were collected on the surface and are out of context; only small part of collection was obtained from archaeological excavations in 1977. Archaeological collection from Tetramitsa is reach and contains materials from early Paleolithic to Classic period.

2012 Volume 24

2011 June Archaeological survey Report

Entry date: 2007-01-27

Author(s): Vazha Varazashvili

The Kakheti Archaeological Team of the Tbilisi Ilia State University have conducted archaeological field survey in the Kakheti region, in Iori-Alazani valleys. Students of the University took part in the survey. Up to 43 new archaeological sites have been detected during the survey.

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